TED: Ideas worth Spreading – World Peace Game

Time for a new post on another amazing tedtalk. captured at the TEDxFlanders  event (september 2011)

I was one of the lucky people to see this talk live at the Flemish Opera in Antwerp
John Hunter an American teacher invented the ” World Peace Game” for primary school kids…
The children become world leaders with world peace as an ultimate goal

Chris Farina created a documentary about the World Peace Game

The award winning documentary ‘World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements’ follows John and his nine-year-old students
as they respond to an ongoing series of military, economic, and environmental crises.

TED: Ideas worth Spreading – FBI, here i am!

starting a new returning topic on my blog . i’m a big fan of TED & see a lot of great inspiring talks…
via this way i will try to  share them with a small intro by myself… why these talks  inspired me ! or why you should see these talks… just because they are funny, inspiring , interesting..

There can only be one to start with.. and i love this one

This recent talk of Hasan Elahi is both funny and makes you think about ‘ Big Brother’ . Hasan was on the FBI watchlist by accident.. , Hasan was advised to share his traveling with the local FBI… And so he did… and much much more..

John Lloyd – Inventories the invisible : Amazing Ted Talk