Vijftien wegenwerkers om één putje te vullen

Als ik ooit eens vijf minuten tijd heb, dan begin ik er beslist eens aan. Aan ik weet niet wat, maar je zult zien dat iedereen er zal verstomd van staan.

Leuvense wegenwerkers anno 2011

Aarschotse wegenwerkers anno 1965

Linux Open Administration Days

Linux Open Administration Days
LOAD (Linux Open Administration Days) is an event geared towards Linux sysadmins and people interested in linux administration in general.
With this event we want to provide a platform for linux sysadmins to get together and share their knowledge.

When : 16 & 17 April
Where : Don Bosco werken én leren
             Valkenveld 70
             2610 Wilrijk (Antwerp)

Social media

  • twitter: use the hashtag #loadays
  • we have a group called !load, or you can use the hashtag #loadays
  • flickr: If you make any pictures you want to post to flickr (or another picture site), please use the tag ‘loadays’ too.

LOAD, the Linux system administrator event

Farting On A Date: P.Diddy and Sarah Millican discuss

Visualize your LinkedIn network with InMaps

Below you can see my network with the new LinkedIN Maps

You can create and share your own map by clicking this link

Streaker vs Window

Jimmy Fallon aka Roger Federer

Jimmy Fallon once again playing a new episode of the Roger Federer One Man Show|widget|NBCVideo&__source=nbc|widget|NBCVideo

Basta : Belspelletjes Extented Unseen Undercover